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January 31, 2008

Yale Beats Quinnipiac By One

Hamden Fathers’ Basketball Association older girls’ scores

By Keith Hodder

Jan. 19

Team UCONN won over Team QUINNIPIAC with a score of 27-17 for the 15- to 17-year-old girls. Team UCONN was led by Nicole Anderson with 13 points, Kendrea Threatt added 8, while Diamond Hare, Meryah Everson and Anna Hopenstadt each added 2. Team QUINNIPIAC was led by Cytara Hough, Alyssa Lotto and Shelly Wright who each scored 5 points, while Destiny Fields and Shannon Connelly added 2 apiece.

In a very exciting close game, Team YALE defeated Team QUINNIPIAC with a score of 20-19. YALE was led by Cara Rapuano with 9 points, Kristen Rogers with 3 and Amanda Webb, Symone Watson, Cassie Webb and Olivia Matteo each with 2.

Jan. 26

In the first game of the day, Team UCONN upset Team YALE with a score of 24-15. Nicole Anderson led Team UCONN with 15 points, and Hopenstadt and Threatt added 4 each. Team YALE was led by Matteo with 6 points, Watson with 4, Susan Riello and Cara Rapuano each with 2 and Jessica Payne added 1.

In their second game, Team YALE came out on top over Team QUINNIPIAC with a score of 30-22. Team YALE was led by Rapuano with 12 points, Watson with 6, Rogers, Matteo and Riello each added 4. Team QUINNIPIAC was led by Lotto who had her season high with 14 points, Fields with 4 and Raquel Stewart and Hough each adding 2.

January 29, 2008

McDonald's Fries Partyka's Winning Streak

Hamden Fathers’ Basketball Association girls’ scores for Jan. 26

By Keith Hodder

9- to 11-Year-Old Girls

Amani Richardson scored a game-high 10 points to lead undefeated JD Environmental to a 15-5 victory over NewAlliance Bank. Janelle Cooper added 5 points for the winners. NewAlliance was led by Breana Parker and Danielle Wendland with 2 points each.

Hamden Town House, led by Charleese Smith with 9 points, defeated Thomas Vining Construction 10-5. Domini’que Burgess added 1 point for Town House. Kelly Butricks led Vining Construction with 4 and Veneise Mendez added 1.

12- to 14-Year-Old Girls

McDonald’s, led by Morgan Rams with 12 points, defeated unbeaten Partyka Chevrolet 25-23. In an exciting game with many lead changes, McDonald’s defense was key to their victory. Also scoring for McDonald’s was Zoe Fanolis with 8 points and Alivia Wilson 3. Nicole Anderson led Partyka with 12 points while Kendrea Threatt and Shayna Mills had 3 with Dominique McDowel adding 1.

Sarah Shields hit two three-pointers and scored 10 points to lead Hamden Greenies to a 27-17 win over DiAdamo & Fitch Bail Bonds. Ashley Wendland added 6 points for Greenies while Kamila Carter scored 5 and Lezlie McEachern had 4. DiAdamo was led by Brittany Needham and Shaquana King, each with 5 points, along with Ashley Girola and Cassie Knights with 2 points apiece.

Cherry Hill Unstoppable

"Dutch Shultz" 15- to 17-Year-Old Hamden Basketball League roundup

By Janet Dorr

Charles Abatement Services exploded in the second half to defeat Abcon Environmental (62-44). Charles was paced by Jared Jenkins (20), Trent Jackson (16) and Tyrel Atkinson (10). Abcon was led by Kris "Kool-Aid" Williams (19) and Jesse Antgahia (12).

In a game down to the wire, Spring Glen Paint and Power Wash squeaked by Star Pizza (37-32). Spring Glen Paint was led by Brandon Jennings (17) and James Dudley (6). Star was paced by Malachi Daniels (12) and Courtney Morton (9).

Cherry Hill Wine & Spirits continued their winning ways defeating McClendon's Law Practice (46-38). Cherry Hill balanced scoring was led by Dell Young (14) and Ben Plotke (12). McClendon's was paced by Cedric "Gunner" Perkins (17) and Myles Morrison (9).

Ken's Car Wash cleaned up real nice defeating Willow Woods (50-26).  Ken's was led by the outstanding shooting ability of Fahem Hopkins (16), Daniel Shultz and Terrance Horton each with 8 points. Willow Woods was paced by Scotti Hukaby (14) and Ismal-Cruz Abraham (6).

Wings Over Hamden flew over Country Wide Bank (61-43). Wings' outstanding scoring was led by nothing but threes,  Tyrone Boykin (12), Brandon Zanders (10) and "it's in there" Rich Shultz Jr (7). Country Wide was paced by Danuel Drayton (21) and Aaron Perry (7).


                                                 W               L

B, S & W                                  4                     0

Cherry Hill                                 3                     0

Ken's                                         3                     1

Wings                                        3                     2

Country Wide                            2                     1

Charles Abatement                    2                     1

Spring Glen                                2                     2

McClendon's Law                      2                     2

Star Pizza                                   1                     3

Taxes the Right Way                   1                     3

Abcon                                        1                    4

Willow Woods                           0                    5

January 25, 2008


Mike Sanca scores.

Hamden High varsity hockey team -- strong, wild, determined

Story and photos by Edward C. "Ned" Burt Jr.

Hockey at any level would have been proud of the Hamden High School versus East Haven High School game last Thursday evening at DiLungo Rink in East Haven. The top-ranked Green Dragon squad took on third-ranked and undefeated East Haven. The rafters were filled, hundreds of fans were turned away and those lucky enough to get into the place were treated to better theater than Broadway.

Hamden came up short in goals and lost 3-1 but on this night, the true winner was high school hockey in Connecticut.

Hamden vs. East Haven

Hamden started strong as the team peppered the East Haven goalie (Mr. Palmieiri) with shot after shot. The lanky, competitive net minder kept turning shots away in a stellar performance matched by his opposing goalie, Anthony Avitable, for Hamden.

Capt. Ron Esposito, Mike Pierne and Pat McGovern were taking shot after shot on the Yellow Jackets’ goalie, but he kept turning them away faster than the fire marshal sent late-arriving fans back to their cars as other fans stood five deep behind the glass. The crowd was estimated at 1,000-plus.

Mike Pierne airborne.

Freshmen CJ Carignan and Jimmy Burt were flying all over the ice along with senior linemate Pat “Gramps” O’Connor. O’Connor was a bull as the strong-skating forward carried the physical play down low for the visitors. Matt Hickman was playing his typical high-energy, hard-hitting game as bodies were being crunched all over the ice.

The fans were rocking shoulder to shoulder as if a revival meeting was taking place with the Rev. Billy Graham exhorting the crowd to frenzy. The language may not have matched the minister’s words of choice, but the message was clear. This was a high-energy arena, capturing two fierce rivals with passionate fans cheering before the first puck dropped. Yet, the voices -- the noise -- made it all seem as one. A testament to high school hockey in Connecticut, if there ever was one.

Coach Louie Pane’s troops were marching and hitting and just wouldn’t stop working. Coach Bill Veneris’ Hamden boys were responding in fashion. You could hear all of East Haven shout to the mountain top as the puck dropped to start the game. It was going to be a special night.

East Haven went up 1-0 in the first period when a puck was misplayed deep in the Hamden zone. The East Haven forward alertly jumped on the puck and buried it behind Avitable to put the home team up 1-0. DiLungo Rink shook from the rafters as the fans went wild.

It remained 1-0 as the first period ended. Dave Findley had a couple of chances created by his never-ending work ethic and Pat MacGregor and Capt. Scott Teulings used their skating skills to create a few opportunities for Hamden. Meanwhile, Mike Colson, Mike Sanca and Dan Wheeler held down the blue line defense as the teams battled back and forth.

The second period could not possibly top the first. It just couldn’t. The talk between the periods among the fans was all the same. Wow! What an exhibition these young men were putting on -- and all for the bargain basement price of $4.

A PJ Vakos shot.

Forget the $8 movie, the $5 bowl of popcorn and skip that early bird special. Instead, go watch a Hamden High hockey game. The team came out smoking in the second period. Whatever coach Veneris said in the locker room had these kids flying and hitting even harder in the second period.

Matt Cavanaugh and TJ Boyle were skating hard in the offensive zone. PJ Vakos was hitting everything in sight and making fine plays down low. O’Connor, Carignan and Burt were keeping up right where they left off in the first period, dominating every time they were on the ice.

Coach Pane’s speech must have equaled his counterpart’s as the East Haven team, led by defensemen Mr. Salavati and Mr. Pisano and others, stayed strong in front of Palmieri in this match-up of two of Connecticut’s best goalies and teams.

Avitable made a sterling save to begin the second period. Palmieri then made back-to-back saves that defy description. Avitable paid back Palmieri’s teammates making a glove save against a rising Paul Falanga shot that had the mark of an angel.

At the 9-minute mark, senior defenseman Tom Roche, strong as a rock and a solid skater to boot, let go with a rocket slap shot that Palmieri saved with his leg. It was a bullet labeled for the low left up into the netting by the East Haven fans.

You would have thought the Prince of Saudi Arabia had thrown gold into the stands as the fans rose to their feet and shouted accolades in unison. Bruce Springsteen would have been proud to have received such an ovation. Another rocket from MacGregor was saved and cleared by Pisano up ice. Salvatti cleared the next one and the Easties held strong as the hard-hitting, hardworking merchants of coach Pane did their job to perfection.

Hamden was not done.

Coach Veneris’ troops kept marching and finally put one in the net at the 11:15 mark of the second period, but the referee didn’t see it and Palmieri snatched it from the back of the net as fast as his other saves. No goal.

 It may have been his best save of the night!

O’Connor’s hard work and fine play finally paid off for the visitors. He took a pass down low from Carignan and scored with just 54.4 seconds left in the second period to tie the game 1-1 and sent the Hamden team off the ice buzzing with anticipation.

Esposito, Pienre and Findley had Hamden rocking to begin the third period. Esposito fired a shot, screened by Pierne who leapt in the air higher than Michael Jordan in an attempt to get out of the way of the shot. As happened all night, Palmieri made the save. Matt Cavanaugh was attacking the net. Pierne was all over the ice. Hickman Mike Berezecky and Vakos were making plays down low. And Gramps O’Connor was still leading his freshmen kiddie line to chance after chance.

But it was not to be on this night of nights. A steal by an East Haven forward on a clearing attempt led to a 2-1 lead and a goal at the end put the Easties up 3-1 with a little under 4 minutes to go. Hamden fought hard at the end but the evening belonged to Palmieri and his mates.

Hamden lost the game but the real winner was Connecticut high school hockey. It was just a regular season game between two arch rivals though it seemed like so much more. Those who witnessed this event will be talking about it for years. Two heavyweights going at it, giving it their all in front of a well-behaved, enthusiastic, overflow crowd. If you are a sports fan, you couldn’t ask for more.

Hamden vs. West Haven

Hamden then traveled to West Haven on Saturday and rebounded from the East Haven game with a 3-0 win. Avitable pitched a shutout for the Hamden squad, which lost its captain, Esposito, with a first-period injury. The smart, hard-skating senior got hit early in the game, toughed out the first period and then was examined after the game. It is hoped he will recover quickly as the team relies upon his leadership and skills.

Scotty Walsh came into the game and had a strong second and third period, filling in for the injured Esposito. Adam Devine also played well for the Hamden team.

Hamden started its scoring when Pierne made a nice pass on a power play out to MacGregor, who rifled a pass to Teulings at the opposite point. The crafty senior blasted a low slap-shot through traffic and the five-hole to put Hamden up 1-0 in the first period. Pierne and MacGregor got assists on the play.

Hamden scored two minutes later when Mike “The Tank” Sanca let go with his blistering slap-shot, which also found the 5-hole. Findley and O’Sullivan picked up assists on the play. Hamden was up 2-0 in the third period when Sanca let go a wrist shot from the left point, which hit a defenseman and made its way into the net for a 3-0 lead. Pierne and Roche picked up assists on the play.

Yesterday Hamden had an away game against North Haven at Northford Ice Pavillion, and this Saturday they'll play at home against Notre Dame of West Haven.

January 22, 2008

McClendon's Wins Big

By Janet Dorr

The Law Firm of B, S & W stayed strong to win against Ken's Car Wash (39-32) in the Hamden Fathers' "Dutch Shultz" 15- to 17-year-old boys' basketball league last Sunday. B, S & W was led by Abdur Akandar (15) and Chaz Elbes (10).

Ken's Car Wash was paced by Fahem Hopkins (10), Reggie Ulmer (9) and Trever Biggs and Terrance Horton each added 5.

Spring Glen Paint and Hardware outlasted Wings Over Hamden (40-30).  Spring Glen was paced by Marquis Grey (13), Jafar Mohmaded (12) and James Dudley (7). Wings Over Hamden was led by Chris Haith (11) and Tyron Boykin (8).

McClendon's Law Practice won their case defeating Abcon Environmental (60-40). McClendon's was led by the outstanding shooting of Myles Morrison (22), Cedric "Gunner" Perkins (16) and Niko Mikolike (14).   Abcon was paced by Jesse Antgahia (10), Jermaine Barrett (9) and Chris "Kool-Aid" Williams (8).

Cherry Hill Wine and Spirits poured over Willow Woods (62-35). Cherry Hill's balanced scoring attack was led by Dell Young (14) and Danny Gibbs and Alex Felix each with (11).  Willow Woods was was paced by Scotti Hukaby (16) who drained four 3-pointers in the last half of the game,  and William Mosher and Ismal-Cruz Abraham each added (6).

In the last game of the day, Star Pizza kept the heat on to defeat Taxes the Right Way (45-38). Star Pizza's balanced scoring was led by Bryan "Pork Chop" Hamilton (10), TJ Ford (10) and Malachi Daniels added (7). Taxes was paced by Ben McClain (13) and Dashawn Rayon (8).

Standings                     W                L 

Cherry Hill                             2                      0

Abcon                                   1                      3

Wings                                    2                      2

Willow Woods                       0                       4

Spring Glen                            1                       2

McClendon's Law                  2                      1

Star Pizza                               1                       2

Ken's Car Wash                    2                       1

Countrywide Bank                 2                       0

Charles Abatement                1                        1

BS&W                                  4                        0

Taxes the Right Way              1                       3

All-Stars Duke it Out

Hamden Fathers’ Basketball Association girls’ scores for Jan. 19

By Keith Hodder

9- to 11-Year-Old Girls

Ryeene Carpenter hit a jumper with 20 seconds left in the game to give NewAlliance Bank an exciting 12-10 win over Thomas Vining Construction. NewAlliance, which trailed 7-2 at halftime, came back to earn the victory. Danielle Wendland led NewAlliance with 6 points. Veneise Mendez led Thomas Vining with 5 while Emily Battipaglia and Amara Larson each had 2.

Janelle Cooper scored a game-high 8 points to lead JD Environmental to a 15-6 victory over Hamden Town House. Amani Richardson added 5. Charleese Smith scored all 6 points for the Town House.

9- to 11-Year-Old Girls’ All-Star Game

Charleese Smith scored on a breakaway with 25 seconds left in the game to give the Green all-stars an exciting 19-17 win over the Gold all-stars in the annual all-star game at Hamden High. Smith ended up scoring 6 points. Also scoring for the Green all-stars was Danielle Wendland with 7 while Yumna Elsankary, Hailey Trasacco and Veneise Mendez each had 2 points.

Leading the way for the Gold all-stars was Ryenne Carpenter with 6 points. Also scoring for the Gold stars was Kelly Butricks with 4, Janelle Cooper with 3 and Amani Richardson and Tahnajia Daniels each added 2 points.

12- to 14-Year-Old Girls

Sara Shields and Ashley Wendland each scored 8 points to lead Hamden Greenies to a 29-15 win over CSR Properties. Also scoring for Hamden Greenies was Ashley Taylor with 6 and Kamila Carter with 5. CSR was led by Sara Winnick with 6 points, Jahnitza Lopez with 5 and Ezra Massey with 4.
Nicole Anderson scored 26 points to lead Partyka Chevrolet over DiAdamo & Fitch Bail Bonds 36-17. Shayna Mills added 8 points for Partyka. Shaquana King led DiAdamo with 9 and Brittany Needham added 5.

12- to 14-Year-Old-Girls’ All-Star Game

Sara Shields scored 14 points to lead the Gold all-stars to a 38-20 win over the Green all-stars. Also scoring for the Gold all-stars was Nicole Anderson with 9 points, Kamila Carter 6, Shayna Mills 4, Kendrea Threatt 3 and Ashley Taylor 2.

Leading the way for the Green all-stars was Morgan Rams with 14 points. Also scoring for the Green all-stars was Shaquana King with 4 and Ashley Girola with 2.

The Hamden Fathers’ girls’ basketball program would like to thank John Ceneri and the Hamden High School girls’ basketball team for putting on a clinic this past Saturday.

January 16, 2008

Wild Man Cusano Scores Big

Dan Cusano's fist pump.

Story and photos by Edward C. "Ned" Burt Jr.

The Hamden High Junior Varsity Team played back-to-back games against Fairfield Prep last week. Dan Cusano supplied the only offensive punch in a 5-1 loss in Bridgeport. The team skated without Matt Morgan, Jimmy Burt and RJ Ugolik. Alex Sullivan picked up an assist on Cusano’s lone goal.

The team bounced back the next day in a spine-tingling overtime victory 5-4 with Cusano once again supplying the fire power. Justin Macgregor got things going early for the Green Dragons with a sparkling goal just two minutes into the game. The hard-skating winger took the puck down the left slot and roofed a goal over the shoulder of the Jesuit’s goalie on a 4-on-4 situation to make it 1-0 Hamden. Cusano and Jason Novak had assists on the play.

Ryan Amarone again starred in net, as the dashing sophomore had more rejections than Jessica Simpson makes at a Dallas Cowboys game. The first period ended 1-0 and as the second began, Ricky “The Dancer” Fusco scored as he was crushed to the ice to make it 2-0 Hamden. Joey Coughlin and Amarone had assists on the play.

The third period opened with the Jesuit defense playing second fiddle to the water on the ice as Burt, Morgan and Adam Devine got stopped as the puck stayed put on three separate rushes to the net as excess water proved a deterrent to puck movement. As the ice hardened, so did Hamden’s stalwart defense led by Harley Pretty and Nick Castaldi.

AJ Gemmel let go with a rocket slap-shot that put Hamden up 3-2 with 13 minutes remaining in the game. Brian Richetelli, the multi-talented forward, got an assist on the play as did Ryan Coleman. Richetelli has been out with an injury and was enjoying his second game back to the team’s delight. Josh “Chapalicious” Chapman made a fine pass on a rush to Cusano, who feathered a gorgeous dish to MacGregor who was robbed by the Prep goalie.

Justin's shot.

Amarone time then kicked in at the rink with the Hamden goalie making a glove save at 8:38, a stick save at 8:33, a left pad save at 9:06 and finally a blocker save at 9:34, which staved off a mad blitz by the Fairfield County crew.

The Jesuits finally got through and led 4-3 with just three minutes to play. Morgan was about to send the game to overtime as the Hamden team fought hard against the Prep squad. Burt got the puck in his end, tapped the puck off the boards and around the defense scooted the wily forward. Burt deked his way around another defender at the blue line and fired a pass to the ever-present Cusano, who blew by a defender, froze the goalie and made an ice high pass to Morgan who buried it in the net to tie the game at 4-4.

Amarone made one last sterling save with just 12 seconds left on a breakaway by the Prep’s center man. Hamden sent all five of their skaters deep in an attempt to win the game in regulation and the puck popped out to the blue line. The Prep forward headed toward the Hamden goalie and each bench rose to its feet just ahead of the 500 people in the stands.

Amarone stood tall in the net as if a sentry at the gates of Buckingham Palace. The game was afoot and the forward came toward him as if the Charge of the Light Brigade spawned a single soldier. The deke to the left, the shot to the right and Amarone -- ever the cool customer -- stuck out his leg and sent the puck flying harmlessly away. Overtime was calling.

Matt Morgan shoots and scores.

Coaches Chris Richetelli and Sean Busca conferred with the team. Who better to put on the ice than the man of the hour, Dan Cusano. The junior had been flying all game long.

Cusano won the face-off. Macgregor picked up the puck and headed to the net. Cusano followed as if a fighter pilot in attack formation. The shot, the rebound, the stuff in --GOAL! Cusano had done it again and Hamden had themselves a thrilling 5-4 overtime win in front of the hometown fans.
The JVs have only a few more games on their schedule and hope to finish strong.

Team record: four wins, three losses, one tie.

Cherry Hill Wine Triumph in Season Opener

By Richard Shultz

Fathers' "Dutch Shultz" 15- to 17-year-old basketball league

Cherry Hill Wine & Spirits opened the season with a close game against Star Pizza, 42-38. Cherry Hill Wine 7 Spirits was led by Alex Felix with (14), Anthony Carrington (9) and Richard Lennon (6).

Star Pizza was led by Coutney Morton with (10), Malachi Daniels (8) and Bryan " Pork Chop" Hamilton (7).

The Law Firm of B, S & W cruised through a double header by first defeating Wings Over Hamden 42-30. B, S & W was paced by Abdur Akander with (12), Quinn Smith (11) and Jamari Matheney added (7).

Wings Over Hamden was led by Robert Kimble and Chris Haith who scored (8) each.

In the second game, B, S & W continued their winning performance by outlasting Spring Glen Paint & Power Wash 44-35.

Again B, S & W was paced by Akander with (12) and Smith and Chaz Elbes each chipped in (10).

Spring Glen was led by James Dudley with (12), Brandon Zanders (8) and Marquis Grey chipped in (6).

Charles Abatement Services solid-balance scoring attack defeated Willow Woods 48-22.

Charles Abatement was led by Trent Jackson with (8) and Barry Abraham with (7) while Jared Jenkins, Mario Fernandez, Tyrel Atkinson and Mike Bagley each had (6).

Willow Woods was paced by Scotti Huckaby (9) and William Mosher, Joshua Pantaga and Ismal Cruz-Abraham each had (3).

Ken's Car Wash washed down McClendon's Law Firm 42-27. Ken's' dynamic trio of Reggie Ulmer (13), Trevor Biggs (9) and Faheem Hopkins (8) sparked a second-half run.

McCLendon's was paced by Cedric Perkins with (9) and Niko Mikolike and Myles Morrison both with (7).

Abcon Environmental outlasted Taxes The Right Way 52-48 in a thriller that came down to the final seconds. Abcon was led by sharpshooter Joe Rodriquez (17), Jesse "Du Rag" Antgalia (13) and Anthony Pagalady and David Hill both tossing in (8).

Taxes The Right Way Mike "Big Daddy" Longley powered in (17) while Mike James, Nicholas Diagirolamo, Dashaun Rayon and Tyler McKay all chipped in (6).

Wings Over Hamden and Abcon both playing in their second game of the day needed to go to overtime to settle the score. Wings won 46-41. Wings was led to victory by Robert Kimble (13), Tyron Boykins (10) and point guard Chris Haith with (9).

Abcon was led by "Du Rag" Antgalia (11), Chris "Kool Aid" Williams (10) and Jermaine Barrett and Aaron Hebron chipped in (5) apiece.

Country Wide Bank continued their winning way by defeating Spring Glen Paint & Power Wash in a thriller, 43-39. Country Wide was shown the way by Danuel Drayton with (14) and both Aaron "Mr. Trey" Perry and Eddie Aponte tossed in (10).

Spring Glen was paced by Brandon Jennings with (12) and Ocie Rivers along with James Dudley scored (6).

Taxes The Right Way got their first win of the season by coming back from a 13-point deficit at halftime and defeated Willow Woods 47-39.  Taxes was led by the strong inside play of Ben McClain (16). "Big Daddy" Longley and Rayon both tossed in (9).

Willow Woods was paced by Scotti Huckaby with (10), Panatja (8) and Mosher along with Cruz-Abraham each chipped in (6).

Splash Still Unbeatable

Hamden Fathers' Basketball Results for Jan. 12

By Benny Mikula

In 9- to 10-year-old action, Hamden PBA came up with their first victory of the year in a close one over Town Fair Tire. Dillon Bailey scored 4 points and Tavis Daluz-Cates added two for PBA. Donald Draffen scored 2 points for the Tires.

A big fourth-quarter comeback propelled RWA past Sullivan & Son 15-14. Brody Griffin 6, Chris Guidone 4, Brad Wetmore 3, and Nick DiGiacomo 2, led RWA. Sullivan and Son was paced by Tarik Black 6, Aaron White 4, Zach Burgess 2, and Demetrius Burgess 2.

Splash Car Wash remained unbeaten as T.J. Walters scored 10 in a win over Batter's Box. Jayden Rodriguez 4, David Bowman 2, and Andrew Luo 2, added offense for the wash. Batter's Box was led by Xavier Ward with 4 points and Matthew Spence with 1.

Trey Jackson scored 15, Lonnie Newman 6, and Jayse Reynolds 4, to pace Disorbo's Bakery in their victory over Eli's Pizza. Jamar Richardson chipped in 2 for the bakers. Desean Nixon, Albert Desisto, Bobby Schreck, Juwon Weston and D.J. Foulin scored 2 points apiece for the pizza makers.

In 11- to 12-year-old action, Joe Tommaselli poured in 10 points as Partyka Chevrolet drove past WW Tolson PC with a strong fourth-quarter 20-18. Chris Wingate scored 4 and Connor Williams, Richard Grant and Jeremi Yakerson chipped in two apiece.

Nate Bailey scored 12 points and Chris Emerson added 8 for Axman Chiropractic in their 23-20 win over Sorrento's Pizza. Sorrento's was led by Ahmed Hassan with 6 points and Zach Morgillo with 4. Unitas Club  defeated Mr. Trophy 17-12 in a tight game. Val Gissantanner scored 6 points and Ralph Anthony 3 to pace Unitas. Matt Pietrandrea had 6 points and Kyrell Dennison had 4 to lead Mr. Trophy.

The 11-year-old traveling team picked up a victory on the road over Madison this week. Matt Hamilton led the way for Hamden with 13 points. Kyle Waznis and Richie Kelly added 8 each as Hamden pressed their way to victory.

January 14, 2008

Saturday's Games

Hamden Fathers’ Basketball Association girls’ scores for Jan. 12

By Keith Hodder

9- to 11-Year-Old Girls

In a low-scoring game, Charleese Smith scored 4 points to lead Hamden Town House over NewAlliance Bank 6-3. Domini’que Burgess added 2. Ryeene Carpenter led NewAlliance with 2 points and Danielle Wendland added 1.

Janelle Cooper scored a game-high 6 points to lead JD Environmental to a 13-8 victory over Thomas Vining Construction. Julieta Garcia Millan added 4. Kelly Butricks led Thomas Vining with 4 points while Hailey Trasacco and Veneise Mendez each added 2.

12- to 14-Year-Old Girls

Nicole Anderson scored 20 points to lead Partyka Chevrolet over Hamden Greenies 27-10. Kendrea Threatt added 5 points and Camilla Garcia Millan 2 for Partyka. Sarah Shields led the Greenies with 6 points, while Kamila Carter added 4.

McDonald’s, led by Morgan Rams with 11 points, defeated CSR Properties 20-15. Jessica Napolitano added 4 points for McDonald’s. Ezra Massey led CSR with 8 and Sara Winnick added 3.

15- to 17-Year-Old Girls

In the first game of the day for the 15- to 17-year-old girls, Team UConn upset Team Quinnipiac with a score of 13-7. UConn was led by Nicole Anderson with 8 points, Kendrea Threatt with 3 and Gabrielle Higdon-Carr with 2. Quinnipiac was led by Raquel Stewart with 3 points and Shannon Connelly and Cytara Hough each added 2.
In their second game of the day, UConn won 38-29 over Team Yale. UConn was led again by Nicole Anderson with 26 points, Kendrea Threatt with 7, Meryah Everson with 4 and Diamond Hare added 1. Yale was led by Kristen Rogers with 8 points, Cara Rapuano and Olivia Matteo each with 6, Symone Watson with 5 and Susan Riello added 4.

January 10, 2008

Eli's Wins 3 Straight Ones

Hamden Fathers' Basketball Results for Jan. 5

By Benny Mikula

In 11- to 12-year-old league action, Joe Tommaselli scored 7 of his 11 points in the fourth quarter, as Partyka Chevrolet pulled away from Unitas Club 23-20. Connor Williams and Christian Wingate added 4 points each and Romell Lanier and Jeremi Yakerson chipped in two apiece.

Matt Hamilton scored 10 points and Val Gissentanner added 8 for Unitas. WW Tolson PC withstood a fourth-quarter comeback by Sorrento's Pizza and held onto win their first game of the year 14-12. Bryce Barnes led the way for Tolson with 8 points as Damon Taylor added 4. Sorrento's was led by Thomas Hopkins with 6 points and Zach Morgillo with 3.

Ercalano Cleaning remained undefeated with a victory over Mr. Trophy. Robert Grissett 14, Cole Perrone 10, and Earl McCoy 8 led the Cleaners. Matt Pietrandea 6, Tyler Collins 4 and Mike Pietrandea 2 paced Mr. Trophy.

In 9- to 10-year-old action, Eli's Pizza won their third straight game with a 12-10 victory over Batter's Box. D.J. Foulin 4, Desean Nixon 4, Abdel Gibril 2, and Christian Blanco 2 led the Eli's team effort. Linus Anderson 6, Xavier Ward 2 and Thomas Montinez 2 paced the Batter's Box.

Disorbo's Bakery held on to defeat Sullivan and Son 15-13 behind 9 points from William "Trey" Jackson. Lonnie Newman, Joyse Reynolds and Jamar Richardson each chipped in two points for the bakers. Aaron White 6, Tarik Black 5, and Justice Moore 2 led Sullivan.

Splash Car Wash remained undefeated behind 12 points from T.J. Walters in their victory over Town Fair Tire. Jayden Rodriguez 6, Luis Alston 2, and David Bowman 2 helped Splash. Mike Rapuanos' 4 points and Ty Hubbards' 2 led the Tires.

Six different players scored for RWA in their 24-13 win over PBA. RWA got six points each from Chris Guidone and Brody Griffin. Four each from Brad Wetmore and Nick DeGiacomo, and two each from James Miller and Kenneth Collins. Derek Webb 6, Matteau Felix 4, and Dillon Bailey 2 led PBA.

The Bullet Bakes the Pork

By Richard Shultz

Hamden Fathers' "Dutch Shultz" 15- to 17-year-old league opened last Sunday.

Wings over Hamden baked Starr Pizza 41-25. Wings was led by Tyron "The Bullet" Boykin (15), Robert "The Glide" Kimble (11) and Chris "Magic" Haith (7). Starr was paced by Maliachi Daniels (9) and Bryan "Pork Chop" Hamilton (6).

Ken's Car Wash splashed Abcon Environmental  44-36.  Ken's was led by the outstanding shooting of both Trevor Biggs (18) and Reggie Ulmer (17). Abcon leading scorers were Chris "Kool-Aid" Williams (15) and Jessie Anigala (12).

The law firm of BS&W won their case against Charles Abatement Services 51-42.  BS&W was counseled by Abdur Akandar (17), Quin Smith (16) and both Jamari Matheney and Joshua James with (6).  Charles Abatement was led by Mario Fernandaez (15), Will Griffin (10) and Barry Abraham (6).

McClendon's Law Practice overruled Willow Woods 46-30.  McClendon's, with a balanced scoring attack, was led by Niko Mikolike (14) and Myles Morrison and Cedric Perkins each with (12). Willow was paced by Scotti Huckaby (9), Joshua Pantaja (6) and Tim "Mr. Hustle" Weatherspoon with (4).

Country Wide Bank cashed in Taxes the Right Way 45-32. Country Wide was led by Danuel Drayton (15), Vincent Dixon (9) and Aaron Perry (5).  Leading scorers for Taxes were Mike "Big Man" Longley (14) and Ben "I Can Shoot Sitting Down" McClain (9).

January 8, 2008

Older Girls Make Their Court Debut

Hamden Fathers’ Basketball Association girls’ scores for Jan. 5

By Keith Hodder

9- to 11-Year-Old Girls

Amani Richardson scored 8 points to lead JD Environmental over NewAlliance Bank 20-13. Janelle Cooper added 5 points and Julieta Garcia Millan had 4 for JD. Danielle Wendland led NewAlliance Bank with 9 points and Breana Parker added 2.

Hamden Town House earned their first win of the season with an exciting, nail-biting 8-5 victory over Thomas Vining Construction. Charleese Smith led Town House with 8 points. Town Houses’ defense held off a forth-quarter rally after being up 4-0 at the end of the third quarter. Kelly Butricks led Thomas Vining with 3 points and Hailey Trasacco added 2.

12- to 14-Year-Old Girls

Morgan Rams scored a game-high 26 points to lead McDonald’s to a 37-23 win over Hamden Greenies. Alivia Wilson added 7 points for McDonald’s. Sarah Shields led the Greenies with 13 points, while Kamila Carter scored 6 and Lezlie McEachern 2.

DiAdamo & Fitch Bail Bonds defeated CSR Properties 15-7. Lanesha Porter’s 4 points and Shaquana King’s 3 led the way for Fitch Bail Bonds. Ezra Massey led CSR with 7 points.

15- to 17-Year-Old Girls

In the season opening game for the 15- to 17-year-old girls, Team Edwards won 32-21 over Team Webb. Team Edwards was led by Nicole Anderson with 16 points, Kendrea Threatt and Meryah Everson each with 5 and Diamond Hare with 4. Team Webb was led by Symone Watson with 8 points, Cara Rapuano with 6, Olivia Matteo with 3 and Kristen Rodgers and Cassie Webb, each with 2 points.

In their second game of the day, Team Webb came out as winners with 26 points over Team Connelly. Team Webb was led by Rodgers with 12 points, Cara Rapuano with 6, Symone Watson with 4 and Webb with 3 points. Team Connelly was led by Raquel Steward and Shannon Connelly each with 3 points, and Cytara Hough and Carli Knox each added 2.

January 5, 2008

A Tie & a Victory

Connor Blackwell scores.

Story and photos by Edward C. "Ned" Burt Jr.

Against Middletown

The Hamden High School Junior Varsity Team played a thrilling overtime game at Wesleyan University against Xavier High School on Jan. 2. Ryan Amarone was stellar in net and the team got off to a flying start with Ricky Fusco creating scoring opportunities his first two times on the ice.

Amarone made an early blocker save on a breakaway, and Josh Chapman threw a thunderous body check early in the first period that inspired the suburban skating greenies. Alex Sullivan, Dan Mendes and Justin MacGregor created a scoring chance that led to a Xavier penalty.

Hamden’s AJ Gemmel hit Dan Cusano with a breakout pass near the blue line and Cusano and crowd drew the Xavier defense to their side of the ice, while defenseman RJ “Now You See Me Now You Don’t” Ugolik snuck in the opposite side all alone. Lefty swinging Cusano rifled a pass to the freshman Ugolik who snuck it in the net faster than the eye could see.

Fewer than three minutes later, the score was tied and off these teenagers went in this topsy turvy affair. Amarone was on his game sticking aside shots, making glove saves and on consecutive shots made pad saves with each of his legs gliding from one side of the ice to the other like a Peggy Fleming in gear.

Kingsley Birdsall was having his typical fine defensive game as was Jason Novak, when the Xavier team went up 2-1 with a little over five minutes to go in the second period. Not to worry. Ryan Coleman made a smooth pass in center ice to Jimmy Burt who got past one defender and into the offensive zone. Joey Coughlin saw the play and soon joined Burt on the rush.

Coughlin flew past two defenders and took a sweet pass from Burt who then sidestepped another defender and headed to the net. Coughlin froze the goalie with a look and hit Burt with an even sweeter give-and-go pass, which the slick moving forward buried in the net for a tied 2-2 score.

Jimmy Burt scores.

Mark Fracasso, Connor Blackwell and Chapman kept hitting and trying to score. Joey Quick was playing solid defense and talented winger Brian Richetelli was still sitting out with a frustrating injury.

An early power play in the third period gave the Middletown boys a 3-2 lead. Matt Morgan and his Hamden crew then picked up the pace even more. Morgan, the hard-skating junior, fought off two defenders for the puck down low in the right circle, and got off a low shot which the Xavier goalie knocked aside. The hard-skating forward didn’t stop and beat everyone to the puck, stretched out hard from behind the net and tucked the puck under the goalie to tie the score 3-3. Burt and Castaldi had assists on the play.

Xavier went back up 4-3 but Morgan, again on a fine effort, tied the game 4-4 with only four minutes to go. Coughlin and Harley Pretty had assists on the goal. From the same face-off circle, Morgan once more powered his way to the puck and jammed it home under the goalie as his Hamden teammates mobbed him.

Amarone made another fine save on a breakaway with 40 seconds left in the game and a few other nice saves in overtime. Burt, MacGregor, Coughlin and Fusco had chances in the overtime but the horn sounded in this thrilling 4-4 barnburner.

Against Notre Dame

Hamden played its first home game in weeks against arch rival Notre Dame of West Haven on Jan. 2. Hamden native Craig Sawicki anchored the nets for Notre Dame while fellow Hamdenite Mike Taddei led the defense. Sawicki was solid in net making several acrobatic saves but the Green Dragons slayed the opponents 4-2.

Matt Morgan scores.

Ugolik, Fusco and Fracasso got Hamden going early as the team peppered Sawicki early in the game. Coughlin, Morgan and Burt were all over the front of his net as were Chapman and Blackwell. Cusano dropped back on defense for the game and played tough and strong.

Bryan Caplan was in net and followed up Amarone’s brilliant performance with one of his own. He stymied the Matt Kolakowski-led ND offense with glove saves and kick saves that made him look like a multitalented flyswatter. He was all over the crease knocking aside the rubber pucks as if a quality control officer had gone berserk at a Goodyear tire factory.

Hamden trailed 1-0 when they went on the power play at the 11:26 mark in the first period. Coughlin took the offensive face-off and took a shot, which was rejected by Sawicki. Morgan got the rebound and promptly lifted a backhander that the goalie somehow rejected. Burt took that rebound at the top of the crease and slammed it home to tie the game at 12:06.

Burt’s goal got the crowd and team going as Fracasso, Mendes and Sullivan came out and had a fantastic shift. Sully, the hard-skating left-winger, almost scored two goals on the shift only to be stopped by Sawicki each time. Pretty, the hard-hitting defenseman, also nearly rifled one in from the point.

The period ended 1-1 and as the second period started the fans were treated to the Ricky “The Dancer” Fusco show. Fusco, a devilish whirlwind of activity on the ice, went from one side of the ice to the other during a high-energy shift, which his teammates and coaches Chris Richetelli and Sean Busca have come to expect. The feisty winger got off five shots and hit the ice three times to the delight of the crowd.

Fracasso was in the goalie’s face on the rebounds and almost had himself a pair of goals as well. Coughlin again proved the playmaker as the hard-skating forward fed Morgan who made it 2-1 Hamden, at the 4:54 mark of the second period. Joe Quick, the quick-thinking defenseman, also picked up an assist on the play.

Caplan then went back to work stopping a breakaway chance and following that up with an astonishing glove save that would have made Clete Boyer proud. Just 10 seconds remained when the multitalented Kolakowski went end to end on a mad dash through the entire Hamden team and completed his fine effort with a wrap around goal to tie the game 2-2 heading into the final stanza.

Caplan did an encore for the first few minutes of the period, again providing Hamden with solid net minding. He made kick saves, pad saves and held the puck when necessary as the Notre Dame squad, led by Taddei, Paul Beisler and Kolakowski, came out flying.

Hamden went with a little over six minutes remaining in the game when the slick moves of Blackwell created a shot for hard-hitting forward Coleman. Sawicki once again rejected the low screamer but Blackwell was there to gather in the rebound and slam it home for a 3-2 Hamden lead. Cusano also picked up an assist on the play.

Hamden kept the pressure on as Coughlin, Morgan and Burt created havoc in the ND end and Jason Novak, Cusano, Ugolik, Pretty, Gemmel & Co. kept the defensive end of the ice under control. Castaldi and then Coleman had fine individual rushes that almost resulted in goals as these team leaders kept their charges going all game long.

Fusco was rewarded for his hard play with just two minutes to play on a fine pass play from MacGregor, the hard-hitting, soft hands forward, who always seems to be in the right place at the right time. MacGregor took a fine outlet pass from Pretty, deked by one defenseman, warded off another with his shoulder and hit the flying Fusco with a bullet pass which “The Dancer” pranced into the net for the 4-2 margin of victory.

The JVs will play powerhouse Fairfield Prep two times next week and look forward to the challenge.

Team record: three wins, two losses, one tie.


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